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TOP-BRAKE 是台灣專業研發生產及客製汽車煞車片製造廠,有二十多年OEM經驗,通過ISO 9001認證,有各項測試設備,為產品做最嚴格的把關, 是一家專注研發及生產的剎車來令片製造廠, 研發及品保團隊依您的需求選擇適當的材質,或客製,找剎車片請找亞得利.

TOP-BRAKE is a Taiwan car brake pads manufacturer who forcuse on good quality of brake pads brake lining R&D and produce good performance of  car brake pads, bus brake pads, texi brake pads in difference compond that client needs. We offer ceramic formula, semimatic formula, organic formula, cooper free formula, non-asbestos formula and so on which fit customer's needs in different require.