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  • Brake pads for car :
    One of the best car brake pads manufacturer in Taiwan, done OEM & ODM for many years. We insist on using non asbestos organic material and the Japanese vanguard technology which brings safe, Optimum performance, most comfortable feeling of treads for our customer and the well worth value of enjoyment.
  • Brake pads for motorcycle:
    We've taken motorcycle brake pads OEM orders for several years. We contribute to develop high quality motorcycle brake pads, give riders a safe riding experience. 
  • Brake pads for mountain bike:
    Taiwan is a bicycle kingdom. With many years of brake pads OEM experience, ADUI persisted develops the stable quality of bike brakes for our clients in order to give dual attention to rider's safety and the performance.
  • Brakes for train:
    About fifteen years of Taiwan Railway brakes producing experience.
  • Brakes for machines:
    We can deal with all kinds of machine brakes. Customer's design and sample are most welcome.