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E-bike/E-motor Brake Pads

Nowadays people more and more concentrate on enviromental problem, so the electric motorcycle (E-motor) and electric bicycle (E-bike) is going on the market in recent years. ADUI insist on developing the new compounds that sutible for the electric system brake pads. In 2020, we lauched the new E-motor, E-bike compound brake pads. Not only upgrate the performace, but also the life span of the brake pads are the first.


Premium E+

Grip force: 100N in dry condition
Braking power: 4.66~5.08 (m/s2)
Grip force: 100N in wet condition
Braking power: 3.64~3.72 (m/s2)
Electric bike (E-bike) compounds
*The performance is same as and even better than sinter compound.
Low abrasion, long lifespan
Excellent braking power
High temperature resistant
Precision handle feeling
Suitable for all conditions
Electric bike
For the demands of competition, downhill and high performance and heavy bicycle riding use.

Street Aggressive E+

High performance technology compound
Little dust
Low abrasion
Temperature: 0-400°C
Environmental protection
Enjoyable riding with Eco-friendly low noise
Rotor friendly
Electric motorcycle
For riding frequently, commuter and leisure use.

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